My name is William Joseph Luby, and I am a lifelong Cook County resident who has spent his entire legal career fighting for clients’ rights in courtrooms.

For over thirty years, I have worked fulltime in the legal field as either a volunteer or retained advocate.  I am a criminal defense lawyer who can take cases from their inception at the police station to the Appellate Courts.  I have handled murders, felony drug cases, thousands of DUIs, and traffic cases in the Illinois courts.  My practice also includes personal injury, real estate, and estate matters, as well.  I have argued and briefed multiple cases at the appellate level, and even had the pleasure of assisting indigent clients in the State Appellate Defender Program by writing briefs on their behalves.  Beyond my experience as a trial lawyer, I teach continuing legal education classes for various bar associations and legal education services.

Most importantly, I believe that lawyers must possess outstanding integrity, impartiality, legal ability, and temperament.  I have been mindful in my career to carefully hone these essential qualities.  Integrity describes perhaps the most significant attribute.  Ethics in the legal profession is very important.  A lawyer must take pride in adhering to the Rules of Professional Conduct and Responsibility.  I have had experience and examples of situations that test one’s integrity—I understand that it cannot be compromised for any reason.

Lawyers must be zealous advocates on behalf of their clients, one must also be mindful and considerate of opposing arguments and positions.  My practice requires that I remain impartial to the facts and able to identify both sides of a dispute.  I have earned a reputation as a vigilant and well-informed advocate who fights for his clients.  I appear daily in various courtrooms throughout Chicagoland and remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on the most pressing, relevant, and recent legal precedent.

Know this fact: my record is one of service to my clients.  I will fight for their fair treatment under the law, and my experiences as a trial lawyer have allowed me to achieve fair results.